Disabling the Previous and Next button

Dec 26, 2013


I have developed a story file with ten slide in a scene.  I have a single choice question in fifth slide. When i attend the Quiz it will navigate to the next slide upon clicking the button on the incorrect or correct feedback box.

When i navigate to the next slide when i click the button on that slide, it will get back me to the CYU page (i.e. Fifth slide). When i returned to the CYU page Next and Previous button appears in the template

How can i stop the Next and Previous button form appearing in the template

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Surya,

Could you provide a little clarification, please? It sounds like our quiz is on the 5th slide, correct? When you finish the quiz, you're taken to the next slide. If you click on the "Next" button on this slide, it's taking you back to the quiz/5th slide? Is that intentional, something that you added with triggers, or do you have a review button that's taking you back to the quiz slide?

It sounds like you may be reviewing the quiz question, but I'm not entirely sure.

Are you able to provide more detail or share your .STORY file here, so we can take a look?


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