Disappearing Audio Files

Has anyone else seen this issue? 

I recently modified two of my courses to run on the "Modern" Player. 

When a student launched one, all of the audio narration tracks were gone from the entire presentation. I checked the other course that I had modified, and the same thing had happened. 

Is there any way to recover the tracks? I didn't delete them, they just vanished. 


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kevin.  We definitely don't want your audio to disappear!  I did a quick test, and the audio was still present for me when changing to the Modern Player in Preview. 

  • Was the audio still available while previewing the course?
  • To which format did you publish?
  • Was the audio missing on more than one browser when you tested?

Let me know what you think, and we'll work on some next steps!

Kevin Coy

Hi Crystal…

The audio worked in Preview mode.

I published to Web HTML5.

I didn’t check on multiple browsers, but the audio files are no longer appearing in the Timeline of the master Articulate Storyline Story file.

Here’s how this played out…

I took an existing presentation that I’d been using for around six months without issue and I updated the player to “Modern” an then I saved. I then published the file to Web HTML5 format on the same drive where it was previously stored.

I repeated this process with a second module.

A few days later, a student logged on to take both of the modules and the narration was missing.

So, I went back and opened the master files and discovered that the audio tracks were no longer in the timelines of either presentation.


Leslie McKerchie

You certainly have a mystery going here, Kevin. I see a couple of things with:

  • audio working in the preview, then not being in the course
  • audio not working in output, now working in IE11

I'm curious about the steps you're taking to publish. You mention above, 'on the same drive where it was previously stored.'

  • Are you publishing the content to a local drive, typically the C: Drive on your computer?
  • Are you uploading the file to a web server before sharing with your learners?
Fred Good

This just happened to us, too. Went back to republish an older (4-part) course to HTML5, and the audio files are completely gone on only one of the four storyline files! Weird! The SL3 files live on a server, not on a local drive. Files were .mp3 format. Publishing as HTML5 (no Flash backup) to our local drive(s) before sending to another team to upload/publish to our LMS. Fortunately, we have the original recorded audio files, but we'll have to re-insert them into the slides. Lots of work! This worries me! What will keep this from happening to our other course files?? Eek!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Fred!

I can see how this would be nerve-wracking! If you've saved everything to your local drive, then I can't think of a way the audio would be missing unless the audio file were deleted or replaced.

It would be best to submit a case with our Support Engineers to dig deeper into the file. You can do that by using this link.