Disappearing Base Layer Objects after Leaving a Layer to a New Slide

Feb 26, 2015

Slide 1 has a button with a visited state that triggers to layer A.
From Layer A I go to Slide 2. Upon completion of Slide 2 return to Slide 1.

Since we left from Layer A that is where you land on return.
When you close Layer A, any object that had a visited state on the base slide is gone! Objects without visited state are untouched.

Its the leaving the layer before returning to the base of the slide that causes the change.

Anybody have any insights?
Have tried to adjust properties to resume saved state but to no avail.

Try the attached..you won't like it!


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Stephan Sinka

Not sure what the question is, but i'm trying to have the learner click from layer A to go to slide #3 and then return to original slide and close the layer and continue working thru the rest of the base slide.

The trigger to hide the layer appears only after the learner returns from  slide #3.

Basically all the stuff on slide #3 wouldn't fit in layer A that's why the jump.(Slide 3 has many layers itself with interactive video so it needs to stand alone)

The question stands WHY the Disappearing of only Objects with a Visited state?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Stephen

When I click the image on Base slide 1.2 Test 1 it goes to a 'visited state' but that doesn't take me anywhere - why does it have a visited state if you don't visit anything?  I have added a trigger to the image - I click, it goes to layer A, I click the x close button and it hides layer A and returns to the base layer and the visited state is shown. Maybe I am not following the logic.

Here is a sample

Stephan Sinka

Wendy the point of that particular item you are clicking is to illustrate that it DISAPPEARS only because it has a visited state! The issue is not to add to the demo but to figure out why these object are missing if you return to the base indirectly from another slide.

HERE is the pattern failure.

Slide 1.2 click the blue box to go to layer A
From layer A  click the Green arrow to advance to the third slide
Closing the third slide  by either trigger (direct to slide or general previous slide) returns you to Layer A .
Now when you close the layer A the Base slide is  Void of objects with visited states ( note the text box without any states is unscathed)


For added value  it doesn't matter which direction you travel from layer A the result is the same. If you repeat the exercise ( replay) and this time from Layer A choose the red arrow to go back a slide, on your return & close of the layer the disappearing effect is the same.

Alexander Rose

I was able to fix it. The second layer had its trigger set to hide layer when the return icon was clicked. It did this but also then reverted to the base layer but with the initial selected icon missing. To fix this I added a second trigger to the second layer, telling it to go to the slide again. I also set  the playback properties for the slide to reset / restart when revisited.

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