Disappearing Objects

Jul 18, 2013

Hey Heroes!

My story has a master slide that contains 5 objects (created on PPT and copy+pasted in SL), each with a trigger to a different slide. From every one of those slides I want the player to return to the master slide, and I want the objects to be on a "visited" state.

Everything works fine, except that when the player returns to the master slide, the objects disappear after 2-3 mouse hovers... this happens on the preview AND after publishing...

I can't seem to find why this is doing that. On the timeline all the objects are "show always" and the triggers all change the state of the objects to "visited".

FYI objects also have "hover" states that work perfectly fine on slides first visit. I don't know if it matters...

Please help me figure this one out    <:-S


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Talia: Welcome to the forums. Can't really say what's going on, but if I were to guess perhaps it has something to with the way you set up objects having a visited state when you return back to the master slide.

In this thread (see last screenr), Phil Mayor shows the most elegant way to do this. You might compare what you've done with what he suggests. I apologize if this doesn't help, but it's probably worth a look. --Daniel

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