Disappearing Shapes (and will to live!)

Jun 10, 2016

Hello Articulators!

I am losing the will to live on this one ... and I am sure it is simples! Hope you can help (I have attached an example if you click on the "0/2/3" box!)

I want the user to click on either the Yellow Box or the Marker which will jump to the relevant slide and when the media completes return them to the "selector" slide for them to do the same again on another box/marker combo! Once they return I want the marker/box combo to have BOTH changed to the visited state regardless of whether they used the marker or box to navigate there.

I am struggling though, I have set the states and I thought I had arranged the triggers logically but when they return to the slide the either the box or marker has changed state to visited (ace!) but the other element has disappeared!!

I have tried so many options I am spent and you were the first group of awesome folk I thought could help me!

Hope you can help ...

Ewan :O)

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Wendy Farmer

Wow Ewan - what a project!

First thing I would recommend is to remove the triggers for the inbuilt states as they are redundant.

SL has inbuilt states 'hover', 'visited' so it if an object e.g. the marker has a hover state SL knows what to do, you don't need a hover trigger or visited trigger - that could be causing issues.

I worked on slide 3.2 and removed all the redundant triggers.  I then added in one trigger to change the state of the 012 rectangle to visited when timeline starts if state of marker 012 is visited.  You'd need to repeat the reverse of this and for all others but it appears to be working as you want.

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