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Sep 20, 2018

Hi All,

I'm hoping the answer to this query is yes...

Is there any way to configure Storyline to use a discrete GPU (graphics processor) rather than the CPU alone? When using multiple layers there is a crazy amount of lag, despite having a very powerful PC (i7 with 32Gb of RAM).

I have an nVidia GPU that is used for rendering in Premiere and other apps, and would love to be able to use this in Storyline.

Thanks in advance,


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Lauren Connelly

Hi everyone!

I'm happy to share that today we just shipped 64-bit Storyline 360!

To use 64-bit Storyline 360, make sure to update your Articulate 360 desktop app, then click the Install button next to the Storyline 360 app with the 64-bit and beta labels. The Install button will change to an Open button when the installation is complete.

Since this version is in beta, we'd love for you to test it out and share your feedback and experience with us by replying to this discussion.

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the Articulate family, Matt!

Happy first post, and great question! I consulted with our team on this, and there is not a built-in way to do this at this time. Fortunately, we've got tons of crafty folks in the community who might have accomplished this somehow and can hopefully share their findings. 

For now, I'm submitting a feature request on your behalf and we'll keep you updated with any news on such a feature!

Additionally, you mentioned lots of lag. That worries me, and that is definitely something our Support Engineers will want to check out. If you go the case route, do share your case number here, so I can follow along to relay any relevant information! 

Mateusz Szuter

If that's still in phase of "thinking about adding it into roadmap' I wouldn't expect that sooner than like 5 years :) That's not some minor utility, it's basically rewriting a whole program. Please remember, that SL3 and SL360 is still a 32-bit application. And looking inside other posts - that won't change quickly. I can easily edit 4k video, and I can't properly move 4 pngs inside the program. Yet, no one there sees that as a problem. Instead, there are super upgrades like slide counter ;) But to be just, I like the new trigger panel. Of course after watching a video, because SL3 won't probably get it.

This program biggest advantage it's also it's biggest disadvantage. If you are creative enough, you can achieve really, really nice and good things using it. Heck, you can even do a proper webiste using Storyline! Since I'm working with it for so long time, my courses are getting really better and better and way off the things shown in tutorials sections or 'typical' usage. Once a client didn't believe me that I've made a course for him using SL. And there are plenty people like me.

However, it's not developed to handle that creativity, unfortunately. It was meant to be simple and easy program, where you can develop some interactivity. But as soon as you dig inside it, start to create more complex things, the old architecture meets you and saying "Yes, you can do this, but let me make work harder for you":)

Editing states always was sloppy and took way too much time. If you throw a bunch of png's, it sometimes get so sloppy, that you end waiting one second for object just to be selected. My common struggle is to move around objects from the other side of the workspace, since my original object of interest did not have time to be selected by the program :D Do like 7+ layers and bang, they are almost unoperable.

There are many bugs, some unresolved (yay, give us a feature request ;) I'm curious if there is a giant ticker inside the office showing how many feature requests was made, just for fun of the employees :D) for years, and some that are resolved after 3-4 years of the first appearance. In some of the updates, they totally destroyed moving objects and sticking to the grid, and they are well aware of that. Well, it won't probably be fixed - you must just adapt to it ;) Point is - storyline developement team DOESN'T LISTEN to its users. We can file as much feature requests as we want, we can complain and report bugs - and it won't change anything.

I'd love to see some annoucement of changing priority for the developement process. Like now, it's like throwing new and new features into a car. Sadly, car is operated by 1Ah battery and 0.25l diesel and it can't make up with all the upgrades. As long as there is no major upgrade to program core, and as soon as they won't hire some UX/UI consultant, going like "are you mad, that's totally unacceptable, that when you move grouped objects, they move separately and on their own", pointing that crucial is fixing actual bugs, not making new ones, I won't buy neither subscription or new instance of SL.

Phil Mayor

I would dispute the comment that Articulate do not listen to their users. Having been part of the beta user team for Storyline since it was first released, it is obvious that the majority of features that have been added to Storyline are because of the requests from users in this forum and beyond. Storyline is far more usable now than at anytime in its lifetime and improvements in workflow and usability are being added all the time.

I would agree that moving to 64bit would hopefully improve performance, and memory issues are one of the big problems I have. 

Mateusz Szuter

Phil, have you ever heard 'one swallow does not a summer make'? ;) I'm not saying they never listen to community (or betatesters), nor that the program is stuck in one place. But you can easily read many of topics here - even simpliest concerns, which you can easily assume will work as expected and they don't - repeated through years, get the same answer "you can submit feature request!". Requstes, that are basically sending an emails which are probably not even read. There are no 'feature tracker' where users can vote for some functionality, so you can truly see what does people want (I come here once in a month to criticize, but I bet there are a lot of people that simply doesn't have time to go around and post some 'you should change this! and this!). Well, if users wouldn't post their workarounds, the majority of ideas here will be struck down with "sorry, you cannot do that, submit feature request". Good that we go sometimes so around 'intended behavior', that impossibles things seems to be possible with some extra, extra work.

Like, for ten years, I still don't get, why there is no 'holding' of exit animations so you can simply trigger something to hide on click. Now 90% of my slides are 1000s long ;) why no pulsing effect, scaling elements? Those are things that are for years in every webiste/application. I just pulled out the 'slide number' as silly update, but I think you can get the point - the whole scences, multiple screens, big courses and we get slide number as built-in feature after 10 years of program existence? When probably everyone have their own patent for doing that :)

Of course I don't say, that EVERY feature should be considered. That would be silly ;) But there are problems, admitted by support and staff, that highly impacts the general workflow. And they are not fixed. I can submit feature request, i can hear from the support 'I will pass that to developer team', but after several of that kind replies, it becomes clear, that that's just excuse reply as "Ok, we got it, but what would you do to us? ;) sit there patiently and wait".

The perfect example would be https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/last-item-disappearing-in-drag-and-drop-freeform-questions that thread. They fixed disappearing the last item with... disappearing the first. People still say that problem is not resolved. They suggest to turn off built in functionalities like background image or shuffle. And that's all, one and half year later, nobody gives a damn about the problem ;) when I do believe that's not some big deal, as they pinned down exact circumstances when is this happening.


Soren J Birch

Mateusz, have you by any chance ever been the victim of Adobe since the marketing guys took that over? There you can talk about stuff. Articulate is moving slowly, and I think some of the problems we have today are because the basic concept of what elearning is supposed to be has evolved dramatically since the first version of this software. Yet we are still in a world where "slides" and "quizzes" seems to be the dogma.

When I compare Articulate with Adobes learning software offerings, I am still very happy to have made the shift years ago. I shudder thinking about Captivate. I wish they were faster too, Articulate, but things change.

And take a look at Rise for example. This shows to me that they do indeed think and develop new, but many things do not make it into the old suite as the way this software is built makes it difficult to change.

Mateusz Szuter

I haven't use Captivate, as it seems more like software-training that actual soft/hard skills training. But I've decided to give Lectora a shot in some spare time.

I'm with Storyline since beginning, and as I could understood some problems through the last ten years, now I'm just too old to keep my eyes shut for some obvious bugs and interfering with my workflow. And the problem is, that sometimes perfectly working things gets bugged with an update. Like the snapping of items and moving on grid.

As for rise - I haven't use it too, but it looks nice and smooth for some particular learning materials. But it clearly is intended to be less advanced than storyline for sake of being more intuitive and easier to use.

John Carter

Has there been any movement on this? My Quadra RTX 3000 video card sits idle as my laptop (HP Z book, 32MB RAM, Core i9-9880h @2.3 GHz) takes all afternoon to render a 35-very-simple-slide story to 720p video. No fancy triggers, no branching, no audio, no complex graphics -  just screenshot, callouts, mouse, move to next slide. This needs to be significantly improved.

Lauren Connelly

Hi everyone!

I'm happy to share that today we just shipped 64-bit Storyline 360!

To use 64-bit Storyline 360, make sure to update your Articulate 360 desktop app, then click the Install button next to the Storyline 360 app with the 64-bit and beta labels. The Install button will change to an Open button when the installation is complete.

Since this version is in beta, we'd love for you to test it out and share your feedback and experience with us by replying to this discussion.

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