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Geert De Rycke

Hi Mewada,

Based on you posts, It's still difficult to understand what you mean.

Could you give us a bit more input.

Here are a few questions

  • What is the color depth of your machine set to; it should be in the millions ?
  • Does it happen on all objects? If it is only on one type, the it could be that the default settings of the object are corrupt. Draw the object like you want it to appear, then right click on it and tick ‘Set as Default’
  • For what device are you publishing ?
  • Compare the Story Size setup between the 2 storyline file
  • Compare the player settings, more precisely the browser settings (player/other)

Hope to hear from you soon



Shailesh Mewada

Hi Geert,

Thanks for the response.

It seems there is some issue with player setting which I saved for project. The root cause is still not found but following are some points based on the process I was followed.

- I have change the colour of the player, change the menu placement (top-right) and save those settings.
(Storyline only allow us to change the skin colour and other elements placement options. So there is not much scope to change any major settings here.)
- These settings were working fine, but at some point I just tried new skin colour and then revert it by selecting the saved player settings. After that the content alignment issue get started.
- There is some conflict happened due to which the authored content is not aligning proper in the preview / published slides.

Now as a solution, I have to first select the default storyline player settings and then customized as the earlier skin colour / properties.

I am attaching the exported player setting file. While importing these player settings, the content alignment issue starts. Please note that the same settings was working fine initially.