Display quiz results in a PDF?

May 08, 2013

Is it possible to display quiz results in a PDF vs. in a new HTML page?

We have a course where you click a button to view your results and it currently opens in HTML (new browser window), however we need users to save their results so having a PDF display would make the saving much easier than having them have to save an HTML file. 

I heard this isn't possible out of the box but perhaps is there a way to customize or code this to work?!

If someone knows how to do this then please let me know ASAP. You will be my new Hero!!!

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Drew .

I have had a play using the jspdf library. I did a few simple tests and it looks to me as if this will work in the online environment.

Unfortunately my need is to do this locally (save to CD) and in this case it does not seem to work.

My Flash understanding is not good. Is there an explanation somewhere as to how the Launch_story.exe gets around the Flash local permissions problem and maybe why the JS will behave differently in the offline situation?

It is hard without one's usual debug tools but it seems as if the JS is happy with creating the object

var testdoc = new jsPDF();

but it breaks when we try

testdoc.text( 20, 20, 'Hello world!' );

Any guidance would be appreciated.



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