Display Quiz Timer on the Result Screen

Oct 03, 2023

We are trying to set up a timed quiz where the result screen shows the elapsed time of the quiz. The built-in timer is displayed at the top right corner but I have not been able to access that information with any variables.


I have experimented with the "Scene.ElapsedTime" and turning it into a counter, as seen in the "elapsed-time-example.story" that is floating around by copying its value into a new variable at the start of the result page, then letting the system turn the milliseconds into minutes and seconds. This works, until a second attempt is launched: The Retry button resets the quiz result but apparently the "Scene.ElapsedTime" is read-only and cannot be reset properly; reducing it to zero or subtracting it from itself "deletes" the time spent in the quiz, but not the time spent in the results page. This means the manually created timer slowly grows apart from the built-in-quiz timer the longer a participant stays on the results page.



Is there a way to copy the information from the built-in quiz timer or alternatively duplicate that particular screen region?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Autor Easybusiness, 

Happy to help!

There isn't a way to access Storyline 360's built-in quiz timer. If you plan on customizing the quiz experience for your learners, you can take a look at the following posts for possible solutions:

There might be a way to achieve your desired design using Javascript, so I'm hoping other community members can chime in with ideas to share!