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When I display a PowerPoint created at 960x720, for example, PowerPoint automatically scales the images to fill the larget display resolution. However, when I convert the presentation to a Storyline SCORM, the presentation always seems to display it at the native size (960x720), regardless of the display's resolution. I clicked the PLAYER tab, then the OTHER button, and selected “Resize browser to fill screen” and “Scale player to fill browser window” but that didn’t make a difference. I’m playing the presentation as a SCORM using Moodle 2.4.3. Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

The browser settings are supposed to work as follows:

  • with a Browser size of "Resize browser to fill screen," which will automatically resize the learner's browser to fill the whole screen.

  • With the Browser size set to "Display at user's current browser size," when the course launches, it'll display in a browser window at whatever size the learner's browser is currently set to.

  • With the Browser size set to "Resize browser to optimal size," when the course launches it'll automatically resize the learner's browser to match the course's optimal size. The optimal size is whatever you've chosen as the story size, plus any additional height or width to accommodate the course player.

With that being said, it can also be LMS dependent, so you may want to test publishing for the web or at SCORM Cloud to see if your Storyline course is displaying as expected there. If it is, you'll want to connect with your LMS team about how they resize the display.