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Jun 12, 2015


I am creating a course where the user answers a series of questions based on how how much they agree or disagree. The idea is that the user goes through the questions answering on a scale of 0-5 (strongly disagree - strongly agree), the user is then presented with a recommendation based upon there answers. So for example the user may answer strongly agree to the first question, which will assign a value of 5 points to a number of relevant variables (the recommendations). My issue is displaying the highest variable at the end of the quiz. If there were 2 or 3 potential recommendation then I could simply do something along the lines of displaying a variable based on if it was greater than the value of the other variables, but I have about 50 recommendations so this is pretty laborious. Would really appreciate any help on this one. 

Cheers, Leo 

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Jason Reed

Hi Leo,

This is a tricky one without seeing the project, but initially I was thinking along the same lines as you. Showing the "variable based on if it was greater than the value of the other variables". This seems to make the most sense.

Given that you have a lot of recommendations, could you group the results onto layers? So, if you need to give recommendations A, D, E & T they could all go together on one layer. Recommendations B, C, F & H could go on another layer.

Do the recommendations lend themselves to grouping like this? I imagine you'd still need to include your initial idea to some degree to choose which layer you'd like.

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