How to add variable values so students get a number at the end

Aug 28, 2023

I am creating a custom Likert scale.  I set each of the variable values (1 thru 5) for Strongly agree - 5

Agree - 4

Neither agree or disagree - 3

Disagree - 2

Strongly disagree - 1
How do I set up a custom results slide at the end which is dependent on the added scores from each of the selections (1-5). 



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Judy Nollet

A Quiz Results slide scores graded questions (either the built-in graded questions or Freeform graded questions). By default, it shows the results to the learner. It also submits the score to the LMS.

A Survey Results slide send the LMS the answers to built-in survey questions. But it doesn't re-show the answers to the learner. 

This post has info about "scoring" custom surveys, like the one you're using: TIP: Track Responses to Custom Questions or Surveys - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes

Note: that type of "score" isn't automatically submitted to the LMS. It merely exists as a variable. However, this post describes how you can send the value of a variable to an LMS: Storyline 360: How to Send the Value of a Variable to an LMS/LRS - Articulate Support