Displaying Speaker Notes from PowerPoint in Storyline

Nov 04, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I’m a new user to Storyline, and I’m importing a PowerPoint presentation (with speaker notes) into my Storyline project. My story will be presented similarly to how a PowerPoint presentation is used in a classroom environment with an instructor presenting the material to an audience.

Is there a way to display these speaker notes in a separate window than the main presentation? I would like the presenter to be the only one seeing these notes (perhaps on a separate screen) and not the audience.

Thanks in advance,


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Jamy Krulikowski

HiDavid and Ashley,

Thanksfor your replies. After digging around in Storyline and the player settings, Ididn’t think there was a way to display the notes in a separate window, but Ithought I would ask to be sure. The possibility of putting the slide notes in aword file would work, but we're looking for something more automated that wouldsync with the presentation.

Wouldit possible to have a third party create a custom player that would allow thenotes to be on one screen and the presentation to be on a second screen? Maybe havingthe ability of undocking the notes tab from the player window so it could bedragged to a separate screen.



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