Distorted audio in Markers

I am attempting to add audio to markers. I have followed the simple directions but the results are not as expected. First attempt was with .wav files. When that didn't work, I tried MP3s. I got the same result. The audio files sound good when played outside of Storyline 360. But once imported as a file through the Marker Format Audio feature and then previewed, the audio is distorted and muffled so badly, it is almost inaudible. When pulled up with the editor, I can see there is audio there but the file volume and audio clarity has degraded dramatically from the original file that was imported. Any ideas?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marilyn,

I've seen a few reports of audio not playing at all when added to a Marker, but I've not heard reports of it sounding distorted and muffled. I'd be interested to see your file, if you don't mind sharing it here. 

In the mean time, you can try adding the audio to an empty layer, then add a trigger to show the layer when the user clicks the marker. Does that seem to make a difference in the audio quality?

Marilyn Bender

I thought the markers would be easier than creating layers and triggers.
I'm new at this.
I can't share the file as its proprietary company info. But like I said,
the sound files played fine outside of Storyline. This was a brand new
Storyline 360 project with the current version, setting up a brand new
basic layout slide. I followed the steps shown in tutorial, adding audio to
markers. Should be nothing to it. It's just not working as it's supposed to.

Marilyn Bender

Alyssa, I just tried importing audio a few different ways. I added to the
slide. I tried another way by creating a layer and a trigger to play the
audio when user clicks. Every time the imported audio played, didn't matter
how it had been added, the audio was distorted and very low in volume so
nearly inaudible.

So something is wrong either a corruption with my Storyline or my computer.
Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot why I can't import audio?

Alyssa Gomez

Hmm, so that rules out it being an issue with Markers specifically. Have you tried importing the audio into a brand new Storyline file? If so, how does it sound there?

I understand that you're not able to share your file publicly in the forums. You also have the option to send it to us privately here. Our Support Engineers keep all files confidential, and they're happy to sign an NDA if you wish. 

Marilyn Bender

I tried recreating the audio files. I am pulling the audio off of video in Premiere Pro. It was originally at 48000 Hz in Premiere. It seemed to allow me to export it as uncompressed 16 bit 44100 khz wav. I also tried exporting as 16 bit, 44100, IMA ADPCM.  All sounded fine played through a media player. I then cut the file into small clips in Audacity for the storyline project making sure each file was at 44100 khz 16 bit wav. Also tried as MP3s. But I can't make these files work in storyline. So, that's what the problem is. Are you aware of the right way to pull audio out of Premiere so it's in a usable file format?  Thanks. 


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Marilyn,

I don't have experience using Premiere specifically, but our Support Engineers would have much more expertise to provide on this kind of issue. You can reach out to them directly using the link I shared there.

And just to be sure, are your project files and audio files all saved to your local hard drive? 

Marilyn Bender

Yes, I'm on the local drive. So, it looks like the problem was my wav files
were in stereo. I couldn't change that in Premiere Pro or Audacity but I
managed to in Audition. Then I cut them up for Storyline in Audacity and
the exported wavs worked. Lots of steps to pull audio off a video file!
Thanks for you help.