Is it possible to play an audio file after audio files in markers have completed?

Hello!  I have three markers on a slide, with an audio file in each. Once each marker is clicked (and the audio files complete), I would like for a separate audio file to play.  Is that possible?  I tried doing it with a trigger that plays the media once the state of each marker changes to Visited.  The problem with that is the audio file overlaps the audio on the markers.  I need the audio to play only after the audio files in each marker complete.

Can anyone help?  Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

I tried to test this - and I certainly see the difficulty. Since the audio does not show on the timeline, the state change happens on click, and you cannot control the order/timing the user clicks - I am not sure that this set-up will work.

Hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and assist.

Shannon Siwicki

Thanks, Leslie.  I ended up figuring out a solution.  I used the method described in this discussion:

However, I had to delete the audio files from the markers and put them on slide layers and add triggers to the markers to show those layers.  It worked!