Playing media file AFTER other media on slide completes

Jan 29, 2014

I have a screen where the learner would click on a button to hear audio.  There are 7 different audio files, on different layers.

The slide begins with introductory audio that explains what to do, i.e. "Click on the buttons to hear more.".

It also has an ending audio file that should play AFTER the buttons have been clicked and the audio for them finishes.

Two questions.

How do I keep the buttons inactive until after the intro audio finishes.

How do I have the ending audio file play only AFTER the 7 buttons have been clicked and their audio finishes.

I've tried having it play after all the button states change to Visited but it begins playing the final audio at the same time as the audio of the last button that was clicked.

I've also tried using variables to have them change to True once the audio or timelines on the different layers has finished.  But the final audio never played.

Looking for ideas/help.  Any would be appreciated.

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Katherine Otis

I appreciate the link but it is still not working.  The button states change to Visited when they are clicked, not AFTER the audio finishes playing, so the audio for the last button clicked and that on the last layer both play at the same time.

This has been my issue since the buttons can be clicked in any order.

I tried to upload the file but cannot for some unknown reason.

Michael Hinze

Here is one option to do this. For each layer, I added a trigger that check if all six (maybe I'm blind, but I only saw six buttons, not seven) buttons when the layer's audio file completes. I also deleted some triggers of variables being set and the state of buttons being changed to Visited. Since Visited is a built-in state, it is automatically triggered when a button is clicked. Give it a try and see if that's what you want.

Eydie  Castro

Good afternoon.  I need suggestions and help getting the audio, Markers, and audio triggers to function as programmed.

I am using Markers instead of adding layers for each.  I did the "Play Media" trigger when all are "Visited" without achieving what I expected, based on what worked for me before.  Added the "Click Next" audio file as a layer and still not getting the desired results while using Markers, which are basically buttons/shape.  I have done it with buttons, hotspots, etc.

My goal is: Let the learner go through the main content of the screen; then, cue them to click each of the markers to access additional information.  After visiting all markers, have the Click Next audio play.  That will allow them to move to the next slide once the click next on cue.

I am all ears.  Thank you in advance.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Eydie!

Triggers are the right place to start! In this case, I would add a trigger that says "Play Media when Timeline Starts if (each of the markers) is equal to visited". We can offer more specific advice if you want to share your file! You can use the "Add Attachment" button in this discussion to do so.

Meriel Forbes


I'm not sure that the below part of Katherine's question was answered and I have the same problem.

'I've tried having it play after all the button states change to Visited but it begins playing the final audio at the same time as the audio of the last button that was clicked.'

I have a slide with 3 markers (each with its own audio) and I have introductory audio at the start of the slide. I want to play audio at the end of the slide alongside a caption appearing. I have set a trigger for the timeline to pause at the end of the intro audio but don't know how to resume the timeline once all the markers have been visited. The trigger resuming the timeline when all markers are visited, doesn't allow for the playing for the audio on the last marker.

What trigger can I create to fix this? Thanks.

Ren Gomez

Hi Meriel,

Thanks for describing what you're experiencing on your slide! I'm not sure there's an easy fix for this design, as a marker is considered Visited the moment you click on it and not when a trigger to play audio is completed.

I've attached a sample file where I've put together something I think will help:

  1. I've added intro and ending audio files on the base layer.
  2. I placed a couple of markers on a slide layer that pauses the timeline of the base layer. You can set this in the slide layer properties.
  3. I've set up triggers to play the audio attached to each marker, and once the media completes for both, it will hide the layer and resume the timeline.

Feel free to use this as a guide!

Meriel Forbes

Hello Ren

I appreciate you coming back to me so quickly. I understand what you have created but I can’t get it to work on my story as my marker audio doesn’t appear as a separate item on my timeline (it is embedded in the marker). See screenshot below. So I can’t sent the triggers for each ‘Audio’ piece.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Meriel,

Thank you for popping back in with an update. You're correct, which is why Ren offered an alternative solution.

It looks like your image did not attach to the forum reply. This can happen if you're replying via email. Be sure to click 'View' vs. 'Reply' in your email so that you can post directly in the conversation and add attachments.