Don't want multiple audio files to play at once

Dec 05, 2013

Hi! I am pretty new to Storyline and can't figure out how to fix a problem I've encountered. I created a slide with several markers. I've set a trigger to each marker so that a particular audio file plays when each marker is clicked. However, if the user clicks one marker and then clicks another marker before the audio from the first marker is finished playing, the two audio files play simultaneously. Is there a way I can prevent more than one audio file from playing at once? Can I prevent the user from clicking on anything else while audio is playing? I am sure there is a solution, but I'm so new at this that I am still learning about all the functionalities of Storyline. If it helps to know, I have all of this set up on one slide in one layer. Thanks for your help!!

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Rebecca Shamblin

I've sort of hacked at this by adding "stop" triggers to the other things the user might click on.  Like I have a marker that plays an audio intro to the videos on that page.  If they click on a video marker, one of the triggers I have for each video marker is to stop the intro before I open the window for the video.  Not ideal, but it works for me

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