Playing & Stopping media when using a Marker

Apr 08, 2015

Hello,  I've created an interaction where when the user clicks on a marker a trigger has been created to play media or an audio file.

My question is how do I create a trigger so that when the user clicks on the marker again, to close the informational text box, the media stops playing?

In it's current format, when the marker is clicked to close the informational text, the media continues to play.

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Michael Shannon

Hey Angela. I had the same issue recently and the way I worked it out was to put the marker (in my case, a custom button graphic) on it's own layer along with the media. The marker on the main layer opens the layer with your media (which starts to play) and a copy of your marker in the same location (which has a link to hide layer when user clicks).  

Angela St. Pierre

Thank you Michael,  that's sort of what I've done...

On my base layer I have audio.  I've created a marker on the base slide that opens up  a layer.  The layer also has an audio file. The issue I'm having is getting the audio from the base to stop once the user clicks the trigger to go to the layer. Right now, if I click the marker to go to the layer both audio files are playing at the same time.

Ideally, I'd like to set this up (if it's possible) so that the audio on the base will pause if the user goes to the layer and upon return to the base the audio file unpauses and continues playing.  I can't seem to figure that one out either!

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