Do Layers On a Master Slide Not "Travel" to Scene Slides?

I thought I'd be clever and include two layers to my master slide:

  1. Nav Buttons which would be hidden and displayed when needed (I'm doing my own nav functionality).
  2. A Help window that would lay dormant until called by the user.

I can set everything up in the master slide but when I "Apply Layout" to individual slides, these layers do not come over. Same thing when creating a new slide with that particular master slide. Is this not possible or am I missing something? I hope I'm just missing something. Entirely possible. ^_^


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Tom Adams

Thanks so much for the example. Nice work. I've figured out a little more since my post and can see now how to utilize master slides for global events. Still, something as simple as a popup window (while pausing the current slide's timeline and then resuming) seems to be more difficult to do than it should be.

Thanks again!