Do not proceed until tick box ticked.

May 11, 2013

 I have put a tick box in a feedback form. The feedback form contains a statement that the tick box must be ticked to confirm it has been read and understood.

 Is there a way to lock out the proceed button until the tick box has been checked?

 I am sure it is an easy thing to do but tried ever option (I think!) in the trigger section.

 Thank you in advance


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rik apple

 Hi thanks for your quick answer, I have to apologize and state i am very new to Articulate (Day 3). I understand your answer and see how it would work.

 My issues is that as that is carried out in a feedback form the continue button is not visible during editing.

 I have tried adding a new button on the feedback form but then when previewing I have two continue buttons.

www.JPG">www.JPG" border="0" /> Perhaps I have misunderstood your answer?

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