Select Multiple Question Banks from Tick Box

May 24, 2013

I have several Question Banks that need to be triggered from a tick box.

Potentially I could have 1 tick box ticked but that could trigger 3 Question Banks

                Or 3 Separate tick boxes triggering 3 question banks.

It is dependent on which tick boxes are ticked.

I have tried a few options with not much luck any ideas?

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Charles Zoffuto


I have found that you need a slide that acts like a traffic cop. That is to say, you would have all your quizzes lined up with these traffic cop slides before each one. The learners would make their selection and when they hit a particular traffic cop slide it would either direct them to the quiz they sit in front of or on to the next traffic cop slide.

This is how I directed the learners around quizzes in my Adaptive Learning example.

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