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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeff,

Great question - and one I'm sure a few folks are asking! 

Storyline 360 is part of Articulate 360, so it has everything you need for the entire course authoring process. As an annual subscription service, it’ll provide you with continuous feature updates to Storyline (unlike Storyline 3) and as Storyline 360 continues to evolve, there will be new features that exist only in Storyline 360.

These features are currently only in Storyline 360, and if you use them in a course that file will no longer open in Storyline 3. With the next update of Storyline 3 (coming soon), will allow you to open Storyline 360 project files that have features such as text-to-speech narration and random number variables. You just won't be able to update the settings or make changes to it in Storyline 3.