Atriculate 360 course not opening in Storyline 3

Apr 01, 2022

Hello Team,

I am trying to open the storyline 360 file in Latest version of Storyline 3 (Update 15: 3.15.26825.0). But showing the error "This project wont open because of the new features." Please check the attachment.

Please reply how to open the 360 files in Storyline 3.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Chandra.

Thank you for reaching out!

A few of the features in Storyline 360 are not compatible with Storyline 3, such as Text Autofit Improvements. For additional information and a list of those features, take a look at the article below:

I hope this helps!

Victor Madison

It appears that the latest update to Storyline 3 automatically puts in the Autofit improvements such that after saving a file, it will not reopen.  This is very frustrating.  I don't want to destroy all of my previous work with this new update to Storyline 3.

Please tell me how to open my file that I created with Storyline 3?

Jurgen Knops

Yes! Also frustrating here... Got the latest update (3.16, 13 April 2022) and just working in SL3. Nothing special and saved the file. Later I'd opened the file and get the same error about that autofit-thingy. Unable to reopen the file.

Got a backup, but I'm not pleased with this... For some reason when I downloaded the trial version of SL360 and correctly opened the 'corrupted' file and then saved without any changes; the file will be able to open again in SL3!

kim soon ng

Yes, I'm facing the same problem. My work saved after updated the SL3 latest version (3.16) is unable to open with the pop-up window related to "Text Autofit improvement".

I don't want to re-do all of my previous work because of this new update version.

I don't have the backup of my work saved with the previous version.

It is urgent, please advise. 

Victor Madison

If you have the previous update to storyline 3, you can uninstall the latest update and reinstall the old version. This will prevent “contamination “ of anything you work on. However, this will not fix anything you created with the bad update. This is truely a major screwup from Articulate. I hope they fix this very quickly.


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kim soon ng

Thank you for your advise. I downgraded my SL3 back to 3.15. Those works saved on 3.16 still unable to reopen and for those on 3.15 are possible to reopen.

The issue is my unfinish work is saved on 3.16. I can't continue and the deadline is approaching.

Dear Team support, please come out a solution ASAP!!!

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, everyone.

We just released the fix for the issue reported where project files wouldn't open after duplicating a text object.
Please let us know if you have any questions by posting here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.