Docebo or CornerStone?

Sep 25, 2014

Our courseware is exclusively developed with StoryLine.  Does anyone have experience moving your LMS provider from Docebo to CornerStone or moving from CornerStone to Docebo?

Can you please share why you moved from one to the other?

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Rich Hoffmann

I went with Docebo and am happy with the decision. I didn't like Cornerstone's sales process, how I felt they have a cookie cutter approach and would not allow me a sandbox environment. Docebo has endless customizations (you have to pay for of course), they are responsive and take responsibility to deliver on their promises on time. The user and admin interface are both simple and intuitive. I love how they calculate the Active User count opposed to charging per seat. They also have an app for phones (content needs to be formatted for it to look good).  Let me know if you have specific questions, I'm happy to help if I can.

Millie Vilaplana

Hi Ashley,

My company's senior executives are probably approving my recommendation for the full Articulate Studio Pro and Articulate On-Line. But they have asked a question I need help on:

In about a year or so the entire corporation (5 divisions in the US that are currently merging) will decide which LMS to purchase, perhaps Ultipro or Cornerstone.

How smooth & easy will it be to transfer all our Articulate On-line data to the LMS they select?

Millie Vilaplana

Hi Leslie:


Thank you or your quick reply.

To illustrate: Let's say we have been tracking information for 400 employees for 19 months in Articulate On-line. When we install a new LMS, will we loose all of that information? Or will we retain reporting information in the form of zip files? Then we would have to figure out a way to dump our data into an interface/ ASPI (??) that the new LMS will be able to read?

Truly we are not IT savvy, so I just want to be able to describe what would happen-- when we take the data in Articulate On-line to another corporate-wide LMS (per company planned mergers and expansion expansion this will likely happen down the road.)

Thanks again.. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Millie,

You can certainly export out the data, and then it'll be up to your LMS to be able to import the data into your new set up in a way that is accessible and be able to utilize it.  You can export to XML or a PDF and then likely the XML would allow for more options in terms of importing the data again. 

As for any of the specifics of this, I'd have to defer to the community's expertise for any other information.

Millie Vilaplana

Thank you Ashley! That's what I need to say.

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Heather Ross

Ashley is correct - I just went through a Cornerstone Implementation. We were not using Articulate online but the concept is the same. You will have an implementation specialist from Cornerstone that will help you and tell you what format to export the information. Next they will perform a mass data load. We loaded all of our historical data from the old LMS to Cornerstone. We also loaded all of our courses via zip files. 

Learning @Intuit

In my 12+ years of experience, in which I have worked directly with Cornerstone and Docebo, Cornerstone is the clear winner.  Both offer a sandbox/pilot portals.  Cornerstone also offers a stage portal.  Cornerstone "pilot" portal is your playground to test on what you have licensed and already have configured.  Cornerstone "stage" portal is your playground to test new and upcoming updates, changes, tools, and functionalities for all available Cornerstone modules.

Cornerstone is also much more advanced in training assignments, group assignments, reporting, etc.

You also have an option to license open API access to Cornerstone's APIs which are also more mature in their development than Docebo's.

Both have extended enterprise solutions. Both have custom pages and menus options; however, Cornerstone's solutions are again more mature and advanced in what you can do with them.