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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi N S,

When you use the exe file it'll launch within a player built for local delivery that is based on Internet Explorer. When you use the story.html file and you've published for CD/local it'll launch within your default web browser - which depending on the browser may not perform as expected. 

Steve Flowers

The EXE essentially makes it so that running locally you don't run into the Flash security sandbox or other javascript active content restrictions that will prevent your output from running properly. The browser still runs within the EXE, as Ashley points out. 

If you're looking for an all-in-one packager, you might have luck with a package like Zinc. This type of packaging isn't what the articulate executable was built for. 


Steve Flowers
Evan Stuckless

Neither of these resources mention the fact that the Published CD/executable requires that the end-user have IE installed with Flash. This is absolutely critical business-information that appears nowhere except as a reply to another user who encountered this same problem.

Articulate needs to have the tech pub folks edit the intro of CD publishing article to say:

"Articulate Storyline has an option to publish for local playback. Use this option if you need to deploy your course on a CD, DVD, or standalone computer (kiosk) that has IE with Flash installed."