Does number variable under object triggers auttomatically adds up when timeline starts?

Mar 21, 2015

I am tasked to build a elearning course to teach staff about budgeting.  I drew inspiration from the "Healthy Choices Food Games" - and tried my hands at building something similar.

My idea is simple:  user click and drag their selections, and drop into a hotspot on the right.  The "amount spent" will adjust accordingly as user drag their options into or out of  hotspot.  

I followed the steps given in the "Healthy Choices Food Games" sharing - but alas!  "Amount spent" was showing a negative value even before any selections is dropped into the hotspot!

Please help me understand.... where did I do incorrect? I posted my .story below.

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Sharon Tan HP

Hi Michael!  That's the part that puzzled me the most!

The intention is for "Amount Spent" to reflect total expenditure based on what's in the hotspot.

While I can drop all 3 into the hotspot - "Amount Spent" shows $700 - which is correct.  However, if I drag any of the selections out from the hotspot, "Amount Spent" remains unchanged at $700.  However, if I include triggers that subtract values - "Amount Spent" will show up negative from the onset. 

Emily Ruby

Hello Sharon,

You had the subtract trigger set up to show when the item was "no drop correct" which made the amount subtract when the timeline starts, as they are in the normal state, which is not drop correct. One idea would be to add 3 transparent shapes or hotspots to the initial starting spot, and add a drop incorrect state. Set the trigger to - when the item is drop incorrect. Then when they snap back, or are dropped outside the correct spot, the amount will subtract.

See attached. I left outlines on the new drop spots.

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