Does Parallels 8 Play Well With Storyline?

Sep 06, 2012

Hey, Mac users--Have any of you upgraded to Parallels 8 yet?  I'm curious to know if it plays well with Storyline.  I would very much like to take advantage of the Retina display support and other enhancements of Parallels 8, but only if it doesn't introduce issues with running Storyline.  I submitted a query to Articulate Support, but all they said was that they haven't tested it yet--and didn't say when/if they would.

By the way--so far, while I'm keeping the "Shared Profile" box unchecked per Articulate's instructions, I am sharing file folders between Mac and my virtual Windows 7 install, and I'm not having any major Storyline issues.  So maybe the Articulate documentation on best practices for running Storyline in Parallels is a bit old at this point?  The only real quirk I've found so far is that once I've imported any slides from a PPT Storyboard file, that PPT file's icon thereafter takes on the Articulate logo (with the Parallels logo superimposed), and then launching the PPT file initially launches Storyline rather than PPT.  But I find after closing Storyline, the second time I open the PPT file, then it opens PPT correctly.  Not ideal, but better than having to keep files in two separate sets of Mac vs. Windows folders.

If anyone is using Parallels 8 successfully with Storyline, I would very much appreciate knowing.  Thanks!

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Andrew Sellon

Hi, Phil!  Hmmm...a corrupted pvm file doesn't sound like a very seamless upgrade, now does it?  That's disappointing; I'll be curious to hear if anyone else had similar issues.  I'm on Windows 7, and have no particular intention to move to Windows 8.  I don't have your expertise in handling pvm files, so your update experience is a concern--although, as I noted, I'm currently actually keeping all my files on the Mac side; I don't know whether that would be a good thing, a bad thing, or immaterial for the Parallels upgrade.

Thanks for letting me know of your experience.

Andrew Sellon

Thanks, Dave--glad to hear you had no issues.  Phil--it does sound like your Mac has some challenges.    Kevin--I'm not using VMWare, but in case I ever switch, glad to know it's working well for you.  I quite liked Parallels 7, so if version 8 is that much better, I'll be a happy camper.  I'll try to do the upgrade as soon as I have some time free.

Andrew Sellon

So, I finally had a chance to upgrade to Parallels 8, but now Storyline opens in a tiny window with only the top left corner of the application visible, and the window doesn't allow me to expand it, so I can't get Storyline to load properly in Parallels 8.  Do I need to uninstall/Trash Storyline and reinstall it now that I have Parallels 8 installed?  Any guidance would be much appreciated.  I'm still getting used to the Mac environment.  Many thanks!

Andrew Sellon

Thanks, Phil.  I know you had some unique circumstances in your case.  Glad your new setup is working well for you!

After more than an hour with Parallels support, ultimately they just referred me to this known issue and told me to subscribe to it for updates as to when a patch is ready.  So I will have to hope they get it done soon! 

Lucia Salters

Update everything and then follow George's advise. It finally helped me after 3 days of trying to get it to work.

George Hayman said:

Just wanted to share some insights into trying to get SL looking OK on the MBP Retina.  I've been fighting settings since I got the laptop and think I have it looking OK for normal use.  Though I have not started developing anything in it yet, it was just to have the ribbon and settings at some kind of readable size.  So this is just a workable setting I have gotten to.

I installed Windows 7 on a Parallels 8 Virtual Machine.  Here are some settings I think are working so far:

Parallels 8 Configuration:

Hardware Video Settings:

Video 3D Acceleration to DirectX9

Enable Vertical Sync

Resolution set to "Scaled"

Video Options Settings:

Full Screen "Keep Ratio"

Use MacOS X Full Screen "Off"

Coherence: Disable Windows Aero, Allow Full Screen, Crystal Mode "Off"

Windows 7 Settings:

I used the classic theme

Set Resolution for display to 1440 x 900

Display personalization to: Smaller 100%

Hope that helps anyone playing around with the same thing.

Now onto seeing how everything works on one machine!


David Anderson

We did an SL workshop last week in San Diego. I think I counted 6 or 7 Macbook (air, pro) in the room. Most folks were running Parallels but at least one user had VM Ware. Pretty cool.

The one issue the Parallel 8 users reported was that the Delete key wasn't working.  A quick Skype chat with Brian Batt returned this helpful resource for re-mapping the Delete key in Parallels:

It doesn't sound like anyone in this thread is having issues, but I thought I'd add it just in case.

Andrew Sellon

Hi, folks--Sorry, I should have posted once I got my issue resolved, but at the time no one else seemed to be posting ideas or having the same issues, so it slipped my mind.  Since Parallels offers free support for the first 30 days, I took advantage of that, and in a couple of sessions with them, we worked out settings that will render Storyline properly within Parallels on a Retina display Mac.  As George has noted above, unfortunately resolution needs to be set to "Scaled" rather than "Best for Retina".  The Parallels support person told me this is because Storyline doesn't support Retina display yet, so Parallels can't address that except to basically choose a lesser resolution. They gave me slightly different settings for the Options than what George cites, however.  

Under Options, Coherence:

The only thing not checked is "Disable Windows Aero"

Under Options, Full Screen:

Use Mac Full Screen: ON

Scale to fit screen: AUTO

If anyone else is having rendering issues on a Retina display, I hope that helps.  I'm happy to make screencaps of the configuration screens if anyone needs them.

David--Thank you for posting that Delete key remapping!  That had been driving me crazy, but each time it happened I was in the midst of creating something, so I just used "Cut" and got on with the work, always forgetting to go back and research the fix.  Now I have that, which is great!  Also, the number of Macs showing up at Storyline classes is hopefully telling all you Articulate folks something (Hint, Hint, Hint...)! I'm imagining a world where we have a native Mac version of Storyline that is Retina-display friendly.  Soon.  



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