Radio buttons don't work after Publishing

Hi there,

I'm evaluating Storyline for a client, and though it's great so far for the most part, I'm having an issue when publishing the test quiz that the client wants to see.  It's just a simple 4 question multiple choice quiz, but after I publish it and open it up there's no way to select a choice from the radio buttons.  There's no interactivity at all.  I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong, and I've searched through the forum here to see if I could find an answer but finally I decided to just ask the question myself.

Some additional info - I'm a mac user primarily, and so I'm running the trial of Storyline on Parallels for Mac.  Parallels is running an evaluation copy of Windows 8.  Maybe the problem lies in there somewhere but I don't know.

Anyway, any help or suggestions are appreciated.



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Rob Coccagna

Hi Annie,

I've actually tried it in a couple of browsers - IE, Chrome, Firefox - all with the same result.  I've even opened it in Flash Player and it does the same thing.  On looking back over the Storyline project, however, I'm noticing that when I click on the box that contains the radio buttons, there is only one trigger action set up - a submit action.  Do I need to manually set up the trigger actions for the different button states?  I originally just assumed that they were already set up.

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Rob.

Have you taken a look at the Tutorial on Adding Graded Questions?  Does this seem to match up with the steps you took when creating your quiz?

If it seems like you've done everything as described, I would encourage you to Submit a Support Case and include a copy of your *.story file for us to take a look at.  This will help us to determine if there is a problem with your Storyline Project or perhaps with the Windows 8 environment.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks!

Rob Coccagna

Hi there,

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and help.  Here's the part where I firmly plant my face into my palm and renew my moron card.  I tried what Phil suggested and lo and behold - an image with an alpha over top of the radio buttons.  Good to know that after fifteen plus years of graphic design I can still be relied upon for an occasional "duh" moment.

Thanks for all the help.  You guys rock!  I will definitely be advising my client to go ahead with the Storyline purchase.