"Double Hover State"

Feb 10, 2015

Hi Guys,

I am almost done with a project but because I am an annoying perfectionist, I want to esthetically make something better. I have a question about adding a "double" hover state . I'm not sure how to word this question. I'll send the details and file if someone wants to look at it.



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Tracie Bosket


I created a scene with multiple slide layers. When you hover on a "dark green" button, the button's color changes to "light green".. When you click on the "light green" button, you go to another layer. The new layer has more buttons. When you hover the new buttons, they turn "light green" also. The problem is that the original "light green" doesn't stay "light green" it stays "dark green"  I want that the first "light green" button to show. I know that it's hard to describe this via email but I attached the file and the challenge is on "COURSE scene"

Michael Hinze

Unless I misunderstand something, all you need to do for each button is to duplicate the Hover state (that's the light-green state) and call it Visited. This is a built-in state that is automatically displayed when an object is clicked. 

I did this for the COURSES baselayer and two buttons on one slide layer and once all three buttons are clicked, they look like this. Hope that's what you wanted.

Tracie Bosket

Okay, so it worked for "Courses" button. I did modify it because when I clicked on it, it was lighter, but not totally light. So I deleted the "Course" button on layer "COURSES Links" and it worked great. Now, I tried the same method for "Custom Courses and Events" and "Skill Checklist" buttons but they don't work.

Tracie Bosket

So far, so good. Now there is another component; I'll give and example...

I click on the "COURSES" button and the layer comes up and the "COURSES" button stays light green - perfect. Now when I click on the "SKILLS CHECKLIST" button, that layer comes up and the "SKILLS CHECKLIST" button stays light green but the "COURSES" button also stays light green. I want the "COURSES" button to go back to dark green when the "SKILLS CHECKLIST" button is clicked. I see how that is a problem because the "COURSES" button is Visited but do you think there could be a workaround for this?

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