Down State! Bad State! Ahhh Help its attacking me!

Hey guys, 

Im trying to get down states to actually work.

Heres what happens. 

 I put down a text box.

Put text in it.

Create a freeform pick one (HAS BUILT IN STATES)

4 Triggers for 4 states (Hover, Selected, Down, and Show layer) (And yes all the states are good to go aka created)

Hover overrides EVERYHTING. If i select... the down state and the selected state wont show unless i take my mouse off .

Many conflicts i wanna cry.. ;___:

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nick!

I'm sorry, but I'm not quite sure what's happening here for you.

One thing I did want to ask, though - why trigger the states? If you trigger hover, down, etc., that can cause some issues. Since those states are already built-in to the object, you don't need to trigger them. 

Hover is always going to be active while the mouse is over the object - that's the function of hover. If you don't want this to happen, you can delete the hover state and/or trigger. 

If you can share a .STORY file here, or give a little more information about what's happening, I'd appreciate it :)


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Just create a shape that has all of your button states, then set an object trigger to change the state of your button to Selected when the user clicks it.  The Selected state will instantly be visible and the Hover state will not show up again until the user mouses out and back over the button.

However, it seems odd to allow the functionality to persist on that button unless you plan to toggle it.  You could add a disabled state that looks like Selected and disable the button once it's clicked.  You could then allow some other condition to change it back to the Normal state, say, if you have multiple buttons displaying and hiding slide layers, you could reset the other buttons to normal when one is clicked.

As Christine mentioned, if you explained your functionality a bit, targeted help could be provided.