tabs bug

Feb 26, 2014

Hey everyone

I have a problem with my tabs

i created them to use both as navigation and TOC. I defined states for hover, down, selected and visited. I defined them as button set.

Then whenever i navigate using them (instead of back / next) the states become all weird. Selected state text color changes ; Visited doesnt show unless visited 3-4 times... etc.

Has anyone experienced the same and or solved this?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nathalie,

The only issue I was able to replicate was with the "selected" state - the text would seemingly disappear. I edited the state, and just reset the text to a different color and then everything worked correctly again. If the file is behaving oddly, I'd suggest confirming you're working with all local project files, adhering to the 260 character limit for your file path, and not using special characters, symbols, etc. in the file name as described here. 

Next you may want to try importing it into a new Storyline file.

Nathalie Kustcher


Thanks for the reply.

i do work locally... As for the other reccomendations, i only see that i could have more than 260 Char in my path... I work in the My Documents folder...

Altho this file in particular I saved on the desktop and tested it before sending it to confirm it was showing the same problems....

Man, changing the text coler? I really want the text to be that color... Plsu changin the coler will take me a lot of time... I have 3 capsules, each with about 10 pages, each with about 4-5 tabs each.... And my deadline is tomorrow...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nathalie, 

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough about changing the color - I modified it to see if the behavior persisted and it didn't. So then I edited the state again and changed back to the original color (or original as my eyes could see) and it continued to work normally again. This is what lead me to believe that there was something off within the file. I'd suggest making the updates (change the text color and then change it back)while working locally and saving to a shorter file path to see if the behavior persists as you continue working. 

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