Down state not working on custom button

I'm creating a custom button to use within an activity menu and one of the features is to have a hover and down state attached to it. I've done this but cannot get it to work - Hover works fine but when you click down with the mouse it stays on the hover state.

I must be missing something simple but its driving me up the wall.

I've attached the story file and would be grateful for any help. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Chris!

The 'Down' state happens on top of the 'Hover' state, since the mouse is still on top of the button. In essence, you'll still see the shadow from the Hover state even when the button is clicked. It looks like you already have everything set up correctly - it's just that the Down and Hover states are so similar, it's hard to tell that it's working as expected.

I deleted the Down state in your file since it seemed to be somehow connected to the Normal state, and then created a new Down state. I added a thick border around the button in the Down state so I could easily see the difference between Hover and Down. Give this a try, and let me know if you're able to get it sorted!

Chris Undery

Alyssa, taking the above into account I am still struggling to get this to work how I want as the 'down' state now has a darker line than the others but the background yellow is the same as the 'normal' state  (darker than the 'hover' state. When I run it and press on the mouse, the darker outline comes into view but the background yellow stays on the colour use for the 'hover'.

Again, any help gratefully received as not sure if it is me or Storyline (still quite new to the software).