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Jan 07, 2013


I have created a drag and drop challenge, what I want to do is:

when dragging an item over a hotspot, show a certain layer; and dragging out that hotspot, hide that layer. (just like what mouse rolled over does)

Could you please tell me how to achieve this?


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Jill McNair

Hi Ken,

The Drag Over state is a state that changes when you drag an item over a drop target.  The hover state is in essence a blank slide, though most people don't use all that space.  Instead of a layer, you could edit your Drag Over state by placing the info that you wanted to place on the layer there.  You don't have the entire slide though because the information in the Drag Over state travels with your shape and depends on where the drop target is.  

The second way is to create a trigger on your drag object:

Show layer [name of layer] when Object dragged over [name of drop target]

 Using this method, you also have to add a trigger to the layer to hide it somehow.  You can hide the layer when the timeline ends (be sure to check the length of your slide in the timeline), or place an "X" to click on to close the layer.  Otherwise it will stay open.

I've attached a quick example of each.  Hope it helps!


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