Drag and Drop

Hi Everyone.

I want to create a drag and drop interaction to display advantages vs disadvantages using a set of scales.  When the advantages outweigh the disadvantages I want the scale to tip.  I have tried to achieve this by changing the state of the shapes to add a 10 degree rotation on submission of the answers, however I can't rotate the shape in states :(

Any experts out there have another suggestion?  I am happy for any design advice too - I am still very much a beginner.

Thanks Sarah

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Bruno Dethune

Hi Sarah,

For rotating an object in a state, you just need to create a rotated image outside of the state screen, copy it, then go to "editing states".

There you create your "rotated" state, delete the initial image in the new state and finally paste the copied image (see attachment)

another way to shift the ballance in stead of using drag n drop is to create the animation yourself by using triggers.

In attachment I illustrated it on de 2nd slide, by rotating the arm when dragging the red oval over the right side of the ballance.

Therefore I created a hotspot over the right side of the ballance. Trigger = change state of balance when the red oval is dropped on the hotspot.

Slide 3 = same animation but created by using variables, which makes it easier when you have to drag multiple items on the balance

.Have fun with it