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Apr 08, 2014

Hi there.

Has anyone designed (or seen) a nice interactive way to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of a particular product using Storyline?

In other words, can you help me bring my very boring content to life?



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Joshua Roberts

Hello Chris,

Personally I would recommend the use of a small animated video to illustrate the advantages vs disadvantages.

Another example could be to use some freeform hotspots to create areas surrounding certain points - advantage or disadvantage.

Once you've clicked on one of these it could be added to a list that is being built simultaneously whilst also changing the state of a character (happy or sad) or loading a lightbox giving a more detailed reason why this point was either an advantage or disadvantage.

Essentially it would construct a list highlighting the advantages and disadvantages come the end but also allow the user to receive additional information with some animation from the characters either pulling a face or looking sad to reinforce points.

Chris de Felice

Thanks Joshua and Rebecca - I really like your ideas.

I'm also thinking about describing a real-word scenario (using a made-up company like ACME Industries Ltd) to put the product into context. Then I can explain the advantages and disadvantages in the context of the scenario (if you see what I mean).

In case you're wondering, the product is a heat exchanger.

Thanks again for your help - much appreciated.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

I was thinking along those lines also, Phil, so tx for posting. Much prefer the guided instruction: putting it all together: do you think this character will have a happy or sad face...scale will go up or this an advantage or disadvantage...

Product heat exchanger, eh, Chris? Sounds fascinating, all by itself .

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