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Mar 29, 2017


I have been working to create a drag and drop (attached) and have successfully completed most elements, however there is an issue with incorrect answers! 

I've set it up so that when a text box is dragged to the correct answer, it disappears. However, when it is dragged to the incorrect answer, it snaps back to the beginning. On top of this, I've ticked the setting to reveal one answer at a time. 

When an answer is dropped incorrectly, it snaps back to the beginning and another answer is also revealed, causing them to overlay and be unreadable. 

Can anyone suggest the best way to resolve this? 

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Susi B

Hi Nathalie,

I recreated your quiz (see attachment). Maybe this works for you.

I switched the drag and drop items, so you can now drag the categories on the text. This makes it much easier for your users. I also inserted grey backgroud shapes of your categories, so you still see them and know, when they are grey, they have been used.

When a drag object is placed wrong it only snaps back to its original position. If you don´t like this you could change it into a more obvious wrong state, but it remains in this wrong state until its droped correctly. Storyline doesn´t set the state back to normal when the next text is shown. If you want this you have to do it by hand and trigger something ike "change state of drag x to normal when state changes drop x to normal" but for every single drag item.

I also added a passed state to the white rectangle so when all items are placed correctly, it´s switching to a "congrats"-text and the user knows he finished this exercise.

Hope it helps. :)



Nathalie Thorne

Thanks Susi! Great to have a second pair of eyes to flip it on its head. I think this is a much better way of presenting the task! 

If I can just confirm for any future developments - Storyline would need a trigger on each drag item in order to return it to the original state if it's dropped incorrectly? 

Susi B

Great it helped. :) Storyline has preset functions/actinos for the states correct and incorrect. If its dropped incorrect, then it stays in the incorrect state, so the user can see its incorrect dropped. In your case it would be nice (I think) when the state changes back from incorrect to normal when the drop text changes for example from drop 1 to drop 2. But this is sadly no standard you can set in storyline.

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