Drag and drop attempts?

Aug 20, 2012

I've created a drag and drop freeform quiz question for which I've assigned two attempts. When testing I find that the 'try again' feedback is available, but the slide doesn't reset. If I attempt to re-arrange the drag items to the correct drop targets, the feedback returns as INCORRECT. Something I've missed?

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Shelley Owens Schaal

Hi Jeff,

I'm having the same problem. I set the slide properties to " reset to initial state" so the user can try dragging the objects again. It used to work, but now that I've updated storyline, the slide is always marked incorrect. If I set the slide properties to "automatically decide", the question is marked correct when I get it correct, but my drag objects remain in place, which isn't what I wanted.

I don't have time to manually create a bunch of states for my drag items but I need to give users 2 tries at it before showing the results.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Jeff Nauman

Hi Shelley..

Not having found a solution to this, I decided simply to beef up the feedback for the D&D slides and provide only one try for them. Admittedly not a great workaround, but I prefer to eliminate confusion for my learners (and headaches for admin). There's a bunch of smart folks here and maybe one of them will ping us with a better idea.

Shelley Owens Schaal

What I discovered is that I could set a "Drop Correct" and "Drop Incorrect" state for each draggable item (these are default states you can find if you copy the normal and then select from the drop-down list). Then I changed the correct state to have a check mark but left the item in the same place on the screen. If I tried to move this item to the target position, it just disappeared on me. I discovered this happened because the item was being moved off the screen which says to me that code in the background moves the item by a certain amount based on the distance between the starting point and the position of the target. Perhaps it creates a "Drop Correct" state automatically that you just don't see? Not sure.

Anyway, I was able to get my slide working by having this visual feedback but had to compromise on the reset. I have yet to figure out a way to get the incorrect items to move back to their original place on the slide.

Nicola Briggs

I also can't get the "return item to start point" to work correctly.  The Item just stays where I dropped it after I leave the incorrect feedback layer (I have set a trigger to give feedback straight after dropping item, not on submit). 

I amy well be doing something wrong but as a work around, I did the following which worked.....

Set state of slide to "reset to intial state when revisting" and then on the feedback "try again" layer set button trigger to "jump to slide" and selected the same slide.  The slide then restarts and the drag item returns to it's start place as it is set to "reset to initial state when revisiting".

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

The reset to initial state doesn't reset the items back to their original position. I'd been working on something the other day and came up with this solution. Am uploading a bare-bones example.

Draggable items on right (A, B, C, D) have a drop correct state, with green checkmark, drop incorrect state with red X. By the way, the "correct" solution is simply to drag them directly across.

  • The quiz is set up for 2 retries.
  • I DO have reset to initial state set up on the Base Layer so the checkmark and X will be removed during the 2nd try.
  • Created a "Try" number variable.

On the Try again layer,

  • Layer Trigger: Show layer Incorrect  when the timeline (on Try again layer) starts if "Try" variable is greater than  or equal to 1
  • Object Trigger: added a trigger to the Try again button to add 1 to "Try" variable when the User clicks it.
  • Jump to Slide 1 (so back to the Base Layer of the slide) when the user clicks the Try Again button. This is what make is look like a "reset." 

I think I've covered it. Hope it works also for your purposes.

Sinchu Raj

HI Guys,

Oooops even i was facing this same problem.finally i have done it .please  see the attached file for your more information.

1.I have used freeform template to create the drag and drop.

2. called another trigger for tryagain button,just jump to same slide.

3.created a new  variable and give the value 0 initially, and made it as "1" when its come to tryagain layer.

4.in tryagain layer i called another two triggers .one is to hide the tryagain layer when variable is equal to 1 and another trigger show continue layer when variable is equal to 1.(these triggers should be before the variable is setting to one).its a timeline triggers

I have used 3 rd and 4 th step to  avoid unlimited attempt.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Oh my goodness. Apologies for the delay! The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years travel set me WAY behind. I've been going back through my Storyline feeds and just saw your question, Jane.

So, I think your question is how to access the Try Again Layer with a Drag and Drop. If you've already created a Drag and Drop Quiz, you should see an Edit Drag and and Drop button in the right pane. When you click it, the Drag and Drop Question windows opens.  Near the top there's a scoring section with an Attempts drop-down. Once you've changed this to have more than 1 attempt, a Try Again Layer will automatically be created.

Once this layer is created, you can click it in the layers panel on the right of the window.

If you're still there, and you have more questions, please let us know.

Kari Cummings

I have the same problem in resetting objects.  In my case they are allowed multiple tries until they get it right.  When I tried to set a trigger on the TRY AGAIN button on the try again layer......it does not give me an option to return to this same slide.....perhaps it is becuase it is in a Quiz Bank?  Do I need to pull the slide out of the bank to make this work?

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