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Dec 01, 2016

First, happy holidays everyone!

I've built a drag and drop activity in Storyline 2 with multiple drag objects and 2 target spots. This works fine, so far. What I need to do, and this is where I need help, is for EACH dragged object, as it is dropped, the activity needs to play an audio sound (e.g., bing for correct and bong for wrong). This needs to be happen without the use of a Submit button, the instant the object is dropped.

Any clues would be helpful.


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Russell Lash

Thank you HOWEVER this doesn't work properly.  The original design of the drag and drop has the dragged item snap back to the start location if dropped on the wrong target.

Adding the sound triggers worked, BUT it the snap back when dropped incorrectly no longer works. The result, if the object is dragged and dropped on the wrong target, the correct sound plays, but the object is dropped, and remains, on that wrong target and does not snap back.

Any clues how to get the snap back to work AND have the audio work as well?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russell,

Do you have a .story file to share with us here?

I know I've seen the snap options no longer work when a user has implemented their own custom triggers to change the state of the drag items vs. allowing the drag/drop to do it's built in thing. Once you start adding your own custom triggers, it essentially overrides the built in drag and drop options for snap back, delay dropped states, etc. 

Russell Lash

I went ahead and added back in the drop sounds, a right sound and wrong sound, that plays properly, but when dropped on the wrong target (correct target is on the right, wrong target is on the left) the drag object does not snap back, but drops onto the bad target. I only programmed the audio for the first drag item.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Russell,

Thanks for sharing your file with us. I took a look at your triggers, and unfortunately the trigger set up you have here is a known issue that has been reported to our QA team. When using a drag and drop interaction with the 'Return to start point when dropped outside the correct drop target' option, triggers cannot be added to the drag item or drop target. As Ashley mentioned, the triggers override the 'Return to start point' option.

I'm sorry I don't have better news for you. I will certainly add this thread to the report and provide updated information here as it becomes available. 

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