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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Mark, you can do this by adding a Drop Correct state to the items that you drag into the basket.   When you add the drop correct state, just delete the drag item for that state.  You can also do this for the drop incorrect state it you want to disappear even if they get it wrong.

The other thing you have to do to get this to work is to  make sure the drag and drop feedback option to "Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted" in NOT selected.

Nandini Khandekar

Sorry to bump an old thread. Just wanted to help.

@Mark: It is possible to develop a Drag n Drop functionality without the inbuilt Drag n Drop template in Storyline. Have a look at the story file. I have not used the Drag n Drop template. The draggable items disappears when dropped in the basket. I have changed the state of draggable items to hidden to achieve this.