Drag and drop, back to the initial position when drop zone incorrect

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with a freeform drag and drop question whit the option of resent incorrect drop.

I created only one drop zone correct in which some items could be dropped in this zone. Furthermore, I selected the option-question "resend to the initial position, when the item is dropped outside the correct drop zone". After that, I created feedback layers (positive + negative) when the user drop an item in the zone.

Unfortunately, since I created the feedback-layers, the option-question is obsolete and the incorrects items stay in the drop zone... 

Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot!!!!

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Christian! Really glad you're here 🎉

Thanks for those details. Your setup sounds correct so I'd like to dig into the .story file – are you be able to share it for testing? You can add it as a comment by using the Add Attachment in your reply, or you can share it privately with me here. I'll be standing by!