Drag and drop - drag items not displaying centred in area as set

May 26, 2020

Hi there,

I'm creating a drag and drop activity and I've set the items to be centred in a specific location and then set a random order for them to display one at a time via the Options. Only problem is, when I preview the slide the items are no longer displaying centred. They are all displaying at different Y values to what they are set at.

How can I get them to remain where I set them to while also keeping the display one at a time option?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Walt Hamilton

This is what I saw when I previewed. The documents all appear to show up in the center of the white rectangle, and whether I drop them in Complaints, or General Enquiry, they all appear to have their middles aligned. Because several of them are dropped on each target, when they are centered, they stack up on top of each other, and the large ones peep out from under the edges of the small ones. Is that what you're seeing?

Anthea Proudfoot

I'm talking about their original location. There isn't enough space on the screen for them to be in tile format but they are all over the place in the original location. But when you look at the developer side of it you'll see all 9 items are neatly stacked and centred. The first few in your recording look ok (mine doesn't so that) but the last 4 are all off. 

How can I get them to stay centred where I want up there?

(have attached updated copy with everything else perfect, just that one thing not working)

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