Drag and Drop "Fill in the Gaps" Formatting Help

May 11, 2019


I am having problems with formatting in Storyline 360.

I am trying to create a learning task which asks the learner to drag a text into a space/shape or whatever gap so that the sentence makes sense. My issue is with spacing and creating a consistent drop zone for the text. I think it might have to do with wrap text within the larger text box I am working? Another issue besides the spacing one is actually being able to select the drop box within the larger text box.

It is difficult to drag pre-sized boxes into the text box as the drop location and then aligned them consistently within the larger text box as the larger text box space is highlighted. Once you are in that box then you can't easily manoeuvre the drop box - if you get what I mean. 

Can anyone help please? I'm totally stuck!

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