Drag and drop gives incorrect feedback

Nov 29, 2023

Hello Community

I have created a drag and drop interaction that gives "Incorrect" feedback when I turn on the option to have the drag items appear one at a time.  Once I remove this option, the "Correct" feedback will appear.  I need to have the items appear 1 at a time, since they are large and won't all fit on the slide at the same time.  Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?

Please see attached.

Thank you,


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Ron Price

Hey Linda

I downloaded the file and tested it.  I am not able to replicate the issue. With the properties set to only let the items stay on the correct target, the only way I can get the incorrect Layer to appear is if I select submit before I have finished dragging all of the items.  So, this seems to be working as designed.


Judy Nollet

I suggest you reconsider the approach to this. As Ron pointed out, items can only be dropped on the correct target. So the user would always answer this question correctly. But they aren't getting any feedback on why the "No" candidates shouldn't be interviewed. 

To me, it was confusing to drag large (but various-sized) objects to much smaller objects. Based on the look of the slide, I thought I'd be able to click Yes or No for the item shown, and then submit that answer. I only knew to drag-and-drop because you told me to.

Also, because the items disappear when dropped correctly, there's no possibility of reviewing the text. 

Bottom line: I think it would be better to use separate Yes/No questions (i.e., T/F questions with the answers relabeled) for each candidate. That would allow you to provide specific feedback on why each candidate should or shouldn't be interviewed. 

Linda Hummel

Hi Ron

Thank you very much for checking!  The slide is part of a course and whether I saved the offending slide as a separate .STORY or leave it in the intended course, I can't make the problem go away.  I also have the same problem when I re-created the slide from scratch in the intended course.

Articulate support, do you think I have a software issue?  I created the slide yesterday and had the issue.  Today, I ran the Storyline 360 update and the problem persisted.

Thanks to all.

Linda Hummel

Hi Judy

You make a great point.  There's too much text for each situation to make a drag and drop look good and it will be very challenging to try to add feedback for each drop event.

I will have another look at this.  

Thank you and have a great day!  This community is awesome. :) :) x 1 million