Drag and Drop Glitch

I don't know if anyone else is running into this, I searched and couldn't find much on what's happening. Let me draw a picture of the problem:

I have a drag and drop activity. There are 8 pictures and 2 drop zones. Drag and drop options are: return item to start point if dropped outside any target, reveal drag items one at a time, and snap objects to center of drop target. Each picture has a correct and incorrect drop state that shows immediately after being dropped, and the picture becomes disabled once dropped so the user can't move it anymore and they must continue with the new images appearing. There are also point layers that show when you drop in a right or wrong space.

I've noticed, when going through this activity over and over again, that it will randomly send a picture to the opposite drop zone that I want. Say I drop Picture 1 in drop zone B (correct answer), instead of dropping it there, it drops it on the other side of the screen into drop zone A (incorrect) and also screws up the scoring so that the points make no sense at the end. Sometimes it happens to one, sometimes to multiple pictures, other times it doesn't happen at all. 

I've tried dropping it off the targets, directly in the center of the targets, slightly off center of the targets, but sometimes it happens and other times it doesn't. There is no rhyme or reason to the madness I'm seeing.

Has anyone else encountered anything like this before? I attached a video to show what I'm talking about. 

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Phil Mayor

Hi Janine

The video looks like something strange is going on.  I notice you have some triggers using the when dropped on trigger, I find this breaks some of the functionality of the snap back to get round this I often use the when state changes trigger and use drop correct and incorrect states.

But even then it looks a bit odd, I cannot see the file but I wonder if your drop correct states and drop incorrect states are misaligned as it happens when you drop the object.  If you can post the slide I would be happy to have a look.

By the way it looks great