Drag and Drop Graded Question Not Working

Aug 14, 2020

I have a simple drag and drop using the articulate graded question template/slide. It does not reset when user needs to try again, there is no option to shuffle the answers and  the question toolbar does not have any drag/drop options like a freeform question has. So what is the expected behavior for the 'provided' drag and drop?


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Ren Gomez

Hi Susan,

It sounds like you're using a Matching Drag & Drop question, correct? If so, the option to shuffle answers is automatically grayed out and will shuffle when you preview or publish your course.

The question will not reset if the user needs to try again, but it will allow them to re-drag the options. 

If you'd prefer resetting the question upon try again, one option will be to set the slide properties to Reset to initial state, and replace the Hide layer trigger in your Try Again layer to Jump to this slide when user clicks Try Again button.

Please note this removes a limit on the number of attempts, but will be closer to what you're looking to accomplish!

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