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First Question

Inspired by the original post in January, I am building a free form interaction.


I have followed the tutorials and set up my states and triggers.
When the "movie clapper" is dropped on a hotspot, it launches a lightbox not a layer.

I would like to have the "movie clapper" moved back to the original spot (Hotspot Reset) after the lightbox launches. Currently, the "Movie clapper" stays on the subject to learn more.

How do I do this? I am lost!

File attached.

Second Question

Similar to above but a little different....on the Great Debate in the http://community.articulate.com/blogs/david/archive/2014/01/31/elearning-drag-drop.aspx, how do you have the microphone snap back? I am creating an interaction where the student is interviewing experts, when the microphone is dragged to the expert, a layer (speech bubble with voice over) is visible. I want the microphone to snap back to the original spot.

Thank you!

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Hi Kate,

I looked at your file but I didn't see any layers established.

Check your email; I sent you an updated .story file with the fixes applied.

Here is what I did:

I created new triggers so when the clapper is dropped on the hotspot it will be changed to hidden. I also copied the clapper so there are two clappers with Change States triggers.

The learner can choose either the left or right hotspot to drop the clapper. Once they do, the clapper state will change to hidden and disappear.

Like Photoshop and other applications, there are many routes to achieve the same effect. The above explanation is how I handle that type of drag and drop.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Katherine Patla

Thank you Montse!

I see exactly what you did with creating multiple images and hiding the image once it is dragged over.

I have these set to go into the lightbox and not layers so this is perfect.

Is this how they are also doing the Great Debate microphone? That is the next piece I am working on.

Thank you again!