Drag and Drop interaction: How can I make the slide remember the correct answers when reseting the timeline?

Hello everybody,

I am creating a drag and drop interaction and since the students get 2 attempts, I want the slide to remember the correct answers when reseting the timeline. 

I current have a variable that changes the state of the concept if it has been placed correctly when the timeline resets (of course, in the second attempt).

However, it seems that even it's in the correct spot, the slide doesn't remember that it's already right and counts the exercice uncomplete when I click submit the second time. 

The slide properties are set to "When revisiting: Reset to initial state". Besides, when I have tried the option "Resume saved state" I don't really get how my triggers work.. I'm quite new to this world ;)  

Thanks a lot for your help! 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Lara,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! It looks like your current design of keeping the correct responses in place while the incorrect answers reset is conflicting with the functionality of the question when you submit.

Hopefully some community members can chime in with their custom solution, but some suggestions I have are:

  • Remove the added triggers, as well as remove the Jump to this slide in the Intentar de nuevo layer. This will not reset your incorrect answers, but it will keep the answers in place with a drop-state for you to re-drag when trying again.
  • Remove the added triggers and attempts, and under the Drag & Drop Options, set the drag item to Return an item to the start point if dropped outside a correct answer. You can also uncheck the Delay interaction until submission option. This removes the attempts but provides a way for responses to reset until the learner gets it right.

While these aren't ideal for your original setup, they may provide some alternatives to think about!