Drag and Drop Issue

Jul 07, 2016


I've tried to set this up a couple of ways, but here's my problem.

The course deals with how to navigate our smart phone app. In the Practice section, I have the app displayed and a hand displayed with a pointing index finger. The learner has to drag the finger (hand) to the correct hotspot. 

I converted to free form and have it set up so that if the learner drags to the correct hot spot, the Correct layer shows up and they can click Continue to move to the next slide. If they drag the hand to an incorrect image or hotspot, the Try Again layer shows up. 

The problem I run into is that after clicking Try Again, the hand does not return to the original spot on the screen. It ends up flying up and off to the upper right beyond the stage, and covers the smartphone screen, and the learner has to drag it back onto the stage and then onto the correct hotspot. 

I have tried messing with the drag and drop options but to no avail. I'm thinking maybe I do away with the Try Again layer concept and just have the learner have to drop it on the correct hotspot.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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