Drag & Drop - Custom Immediate Feedback Layer Issue

Nov 09, 2019

I have a drag and drop interaction where the user is presented with an item and needs to drag to one of three drop targets. If they drop it on an incorrect target, it should bounce back to it's starting position and my custom "Try Again" layer (just a red X and text "Try Again" that briefly shows and then fades away) should be displayed. It works properly the first time I drag it onto an incorrect target but then if I do the other incorrect target with my second try it only shows sometimes. If I continue dragging to incorrect targets, the "Try Again" layer will only show periodically, when it should be showing every time. I've tried a number of variations of the trigger to try to correct this, as well as settings to the Try Again layer, but for some reason can't get it working consistently.

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. SL file attached.

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Susi B

Hi Mark,

it´s a problem with your states. If you give them another color you can see what´s happening. If you drag them several times over the same wrong drop target, it stays in the state "drop incorrect", that´s why your layer isn´t showing.

I corrected this by creating a trigger which changes the state of your items to normal when the mouse is hovering over it. You could solve this in other ways too. I created 2 versions for you, see attached file.



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