Drag and Drop issue in Storyline 2

Jul 14, 2015

Good afternoon, everyone! I have been plugging away at Storyline for the last three weeks and everything has been working out pretty well, up until today. I am working on a Drag and Drop interaction for our dress code policy. Drag the appropriate work clothes over the girl. It's been fun creating it, but I can't seem to get the girl to not be a draggable object. I want to have her be the drop place, and have the clothing objects be dragged to her. I can get the objects over to her, and even have variables for the right and wrong outfits, but I can't get the girl to stand still! Any help would be awesome! I included screenshots of the slide view, the triggers, the variables, and the form view of my Drag and Drop interaction. Thank you!

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Walt Hamilton

Cute idea.

Two thoughts that may help.

1. Set the RightClothes and WrongClothes variables to TRUE or FALSE. Currently each is set to the value that it already is when the conditions are TRUE.

2.I think in the conditions for the triggers, you want to check when the objects are dropped on the girl, not when something is dropped on the item of clothes. This may be what is causing the girl to move.

I know these changes will help, but I don't know for sure if they will make the girl stand still.

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